Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman accuses Praneet to be guilty for Ali issue; all housemates get a bashful from him!

Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza does a Kushal Tandon, tries to escape from the house

Ali is tensed that he would be the centre of attraction in this weekend ka vaar and discusses this issue with Upen. Upen tells him that he will be with him and asks him to be careful. In front of camera Upen tells that now he is going to play with Ali’s dumb mind.

Ali speaks to the camera that he is feeling unsafe inside the house and hence leaving the house then and there. He again jumps off the Bigg Boss house. Upen happily passes on the information to Puneet that he has succeeded in scaring Ali. Bigg Boss talks to Ali in confession room.

Salman makes a dashing entry in a different look and interacts with housemates. Diandra sports a bald look. As Salman pulls Diandra and Gautam’s love story, Gautam blushes. A surprise call from Upen’s siblings and his mom makes him emotional. Salman informs that he has been signed for a film. Housemates make Ali sit on Danger Assan.

Ali’s case is taken up. All housemates keep their point on how and when Ali had passed an unacceptable comment against Sonali. It was when Sonali had to kiss Upen during a task carried out by guest actor Lisa Haydon. Salman points out why wasn’t the topic brought up then. He also tells Sonali that whatever was said was boy talk and made in all humour. And such talk shouldn’t have been brought out. Later, Salman goes on to say that in past few weeks Ali has been the only entertainment in the house. And because of the entertainment he provides on the house, people want to see him notes and hence he gets saved.

Sonali sits on the chair next. She is rebuked by Salman for slapping Ali. Sonali is however doesn’t care. Salman tells that all are equally guilty but the most guilty is Praneet because he brought the topic whereas he should have dump the topic then and there. Salman also warned Ali to make his language correct post which he makes Ali and Sonali apologise to each other.

Next Salman takes up the luxury budget task issue where housemates lost due to Karishma. Renee says that she didn’t want to perform the task. To this Salman sales her for taking a stand.

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Snapdeal customer presents screwdriver to Praneet for making him tight. The customer c complains that he is not playing the right game as he is always the one who is sacrificing. She also reveals that running after Puneet wouldn’t help him as he was the one to nominate him and he had to play his own game. Praneet agrees to play his game now.
At the end Salman saves Upen. Did you find Salman’s take on all the issues justified?

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