‘Bigg Boss 8’ Weekend Ka Halla Bol: Sambhavna declared 4th finalist; Farah urges Ali to reveal his big secret!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Weekend Ka Halla Bol: Sambhavna declared 4th finalist; Farah urges Ali to reveal his big secret

It was time once again for host Farah Khan to pull up the mischief makers of the Bigg Boss 8 house and questioning them for the all that happened throughout the week.
The day begins in anticipation of the poll verdict as this happens to be a crucial week to decide upon the contestants who will race ahead for the grand finale of this season.

The flashback of the day’s happenings show Karishma, Upen, Pritam and Sambhavna sit down for a late afternoon chat. They play a guessing game and think about the contestants who will be saved this weekend. On the other hand, Rahul and Dimpy play footsie under the duvet inside the bedroom and enjoy each other’s company.
The scene then after moves to the stage set for Weekend Ka Halla Bol and Farah soon begins her Mukadma bit by asking every contestant to give clarification by standing in the courtroom box meant for the accused.

Gautam enters the box on Farah’s call and he is asked to explain why he got bugged and later left the ‘Torture’ task mid-way when Ali provoked him?

Gautam says that he felt bad for leaving the task incomplete. He goes to say that despite the mental and physical exhaustion, he was ready to finish it as he was not competing with his buddy Pritam but with the button that he had to keep on holding to win. To clear doubts regarding his enigmatic behaviour Gautam adds that he felt bad after the show down with Ali ‘coz his team mates too were standing against him and more so due to Ali’s below the belt tirades.

Gautam also says that somewhere he sensed that others were more supporting Pritam and were not human enough to stop Ali for the wrong statements he was passing that time. Finally, Gautam accepts his error and seeks apology from all for showing his immature behaviour by leaving the task halfway.

After hearing the detailed explanation from Gullu (that’s what her sobriquet for Gautam is), Farah goes on to ask Pritam why he voted to save Gautam a couple of days back. Pritam confidently answers that he has always thought of seeing himself and Gautam in the finale. Recounting a story told by Puneet ji in the past, Pritam says that in whichever way Gautam behaves, he has and will always stand by his side and will save him whenever the chance arrives before him.

Next, Farah invites Ali to the accused’s box and questions him about the pattern of his actions as pointed out by Gautam. Farah asks Ali why he has a habit of engaging in arguments during every Wednesday and Thursday of the week and then sorting out the issue with others on Friday. Ali accepts the allegations and welcomes being tagged as totally shameless and a player.

Next, Farah goes on to ask him to give the 45 minutes speech about which he had spoken to Dimpy once upon a time. Ali fakes forgetting the whole matter but Farah reminds him by asking Dimpy what his speech was about. Dimpy remembers being told about the speech by Ali and says that he wanted to do the khulasa (revelation) about Karishma albeit during the last week of the show.

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Farah, sensing the sensitivity of the matter, sweeps it aside and asks Ali to go back to his seat. However, an offended Karishma calls him “cheap” for thinking lewd things about her. All of them argue and then settle down for the next round of the talk.
Then after, Farah announces what the audiences as well the housemates have been waiting to hear – the poll verdict! She declares Sambhavna safe and also the fourth finalist of the season after Gautam, Karishma and Pritam. Sambhavna gets highly elated to hear the news and expresses her disbelief over it.

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