Bigg Boss 8: We love we love Gauti!

On his birthday today let’s see what makes Gautam Gulati one of the most talked about Bigg Boss housemates and what makes his fans go ‘We love We Love Gauti’

We love we love Gauti! #BB8
1) He is Dabangg
Whether it’s his style, attitude or action, he does everything in Dabangg style. ‘Mann balwaan lagey chattaan rahe maidaan mein aagey’ suits him to the T.

We love we love Gauti! #BB8_1
2) Calm as a cucumber
‘Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam has haske sehenge ham’ is his mantra. So amidst all the allegations, accusations , fights , arguments and chaos, just ‘Keep calm and Be Gautam’.

We love we love Gauti! #BB8_2
3) His rules his game
Like how the Gautam City task Gautam actually believes in ‘My city My rules’. He has been playing the game on his own and follows his own rules. Wo dil se khelta hai yaar!

We love we love Gauti! #BB8_3
4) Lonely he is Mr. Lonely
There have been times when Gautam was so lonely and cornered in the house that there was no one to even support him. But, he is still strong and geared up for all the challenges thrown at him.

We love we love Gauti! #BB8_4
5) He is sexy and he knows it!
The confidence he carries is commendable and it oozes out in everything he does. The way he does tasks or handles situations gives an impression that he knows what he is doing.

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We love we love Gauti! #BB8_5
6) Bigg Boss ka hero idhar hai!
Whether it’s about being a friend or a lover boy. Whether it’s action during the task or being a dictator. Everything he does is just perfect. Like a quintessential Bollywood hero he is good at romance, action, comedy and drama. Isn’t he the hero of the house?

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