Bigg Boss 8: Was Karishma right in not helping Puneet during his task?

Bigg Boss 8: Was Karishma right in not helping Puneet during his task

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Bigg Boss today introduces a new task – phone booth. At first Karishma made everybody follow her task by threatening them to get nominated if they fail to do so.
Karishma completes her task very confidently as other contestants take everything seriously. Next Karishma places Puneet in her place in the phone booth as the booth can’t remain empty.
Now Karishma shows her true colours by playing the game against Puneet. As Karishma already knows the game she denies following Puneet’s task and she also doesn’t allow to do her task.
In the task Karishma and Diandra were supposed to keep ALL of their cosmetics items in store room. While Diandra keeps all Karishma doesn’t store all. And then she regrets in keeping them and gets them back from store room and hides them away. She also tries to convince other members that if Puneet fails to complete the task, he’ll earn negative points?
Is Karishma playing shrewd by not helping Puneet. Is Karishma doing the right thing by revealing the game plan? What do you think?

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