Bigg Boss 8: Was Gautam’s way of grilling the contestants during ‘Gharwale Jaan-na Chahte Hain’ task good?


The wise say that if the right questions are asked at the right time, rhere are bound to reap the right results.

Well, at least that is what happened in the controversial Bigg Boss house that is infested with people harbouring grudges against each other for one reason or another.
In today’s episode, we saw BB asking Gautam to conduct a task named as ‘Gharwale Jaan-na Chahte Hain’ (the housemates want to know). In the task Gautam asked a set of questions to Karishma, Puneet, Diandra and Arya given to him by BB, and he ws given the liberty to add his own questions if he does not get the right answers.

He asked Arya why he is so confused in the BB house and he questioned Karishma for her selfish way of living. We saw how Karishma got defensive as usual and denies being self-thinking.

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Diandra, who was asked about her changed ways ever since the Gautam-Karishma controversy happened, got worked up and insecure when Gautam brought to light her true nature before all.And then there was Puneet, who was blamed for being nice on the face of a few he does not like otherwise.

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