Bigg Boss 8: Upen’s wooing Karishma, and that’s part of his master strategy

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Upen Patel's proposal to Karishma Tanna a publicity stunt

In his second stint inside the Bigg Boss house, Upen Patel is doing everything he can to woo Karishma Tanna. Not content with simply showering gifts on her, Patel’s mincing no words this time and surprises Tanna when he asks her if there was anything to their ‘friendship’ beyond the petty game.

He then asks her to let him win in a task and says, “Main aapki har baat manta hun, har galti mein bhi aapaka saath ek sacche dost ki tarah deta hun, magar log aapko selfish bolte hain, yehi waqt hai ki aap un sabko galat sabit karo.”

Karishma replies that her priority is the game but assures him that the task will not decide the destiny of their friendship. She adds that she is convinced nothing will go wrong with their friendship. She says that her friendship with Upen holds a lot of importance in her life, but there are four other people (from her team) looking upto their supervisor to make them win the task.

The conversation was part of a task called ‘Call Center’. In the task, the Challengers play aggrieved customers on Tuesday’s episode making calls to complain at the call center run by the Champions. While the Challengers can question the Champions on matters related to the house and their individual differences, the Champions are expected to maintain a polite tone.

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During the task, Rahul Mahajan and Pritam Singh are seen poking fun at each other. Rahul asks Pritam why he hesitated in regretting his outburst with Dimpy, considering that he is popular with women as a RJ. Pritam quips, “Agar aap aisse sawaal kar hi rahe ho toh main bhi ab aapko acche se jawaab deta hun.” And he goes on to explain his side in a manner that forced Rahul to say, “Besharam phone rakh de, kaise kaise log hote hain?”

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