Bigg Boss 8: Upen Patel makes Sukirti kandpal Cry

Upen Patel makes Sukirti Kandpal cry?

‘Bigg Boss 8’ has all the ingredients of a masala entertainer! Hugs, kisses, fist fights, tears and gossip- have all been part and parcel of the show.

A number of inmates in the previous seasons were proved to be cry babies and Sukirti Kandpal may join the league, if she continues to remain moist eyed.

In a teaser from the third episode of ‘Bigg Boss 8’, one can see Sukirti in tears. Any guesses on who makes her cry? Well, it’s none other Upen Patel, who addressed her as ‘Sukku’ in the second episode.

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Interestingly, Patel tried to woo Kandpal but following a spat, he chooses to term Sukirti’s tears as “natak”. Now, it would be interesting to see, whether or not Upen and Sukirti reconcile.

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