Bigg Boss 8: Upen Patel and Gautum Gulati get into a bitter fight!

Upen Patel and Gautum Gulati get into a bitter fight!

Bigg Boss seems to have shaken things up a bit between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati. In a task, Bigg Boss asks Sushant Digvikar to make one of the boys in the Bigg Boss house shave his head.

When Sushant assembles all the men and asks them as to who’d be willing to go bald, Gautum taunts, “Jo best friend hai wo kare main kyun karun? (who ever is your best friend should do it, why should I?”

The snide remark doesn’t go down well with Upen, at whom Gautam targeted his snark because Patel is quite close to Sushant inside the house. An upset Upen then confronts Gautum asking him to not pass double-meaning taunts. Gautum categorically denies talking about Upen but the latter was already quite miffed by then.

Upen asks Gautum to stop his antics and start behaving normally. Gautum instead of listening to Upen amplifies his annoying acting and tells Upen that he has a language issue and that he should go back to London. At this point Arya Babbar intervenes but Gautam shuts him down saying that Arya cannot take a stand and hence, shouldn’t get involved in the fight. An annoyed Arya asks Gautum as to why he keeps creating nuisance every now and then to get “footage” on the show!

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Gautum accuses Upen of taking the ladies’ side whenever there’s been an issue involving Gautum and a woman in the house. He also complains about how Upen has forgotten that he had once called Gautum his younger brother but whenever a problem arose Upen took the women’s side.

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