Bigg Boss: 8 Upen defeats Gautam in captaincy task: Recap, Day 39

Since there’s no captain in the house, Puneet asked Ali to contribute in the house work and take the responsibility of cleaning the garden. Ali insisted on having help assigned and Puneet asked Sonali to accompany him.

But when Ali began to work in garden, Praneet asked him to do the dishes. A lot of miscommunication happened between Ali, Puneet and Praneet which led to Ali venting his frustration on Praneet. But the two laughed over the matter immediately and everything was taken care of.

Sonali constantly troubled Ali while he was doing his work and both got into a taunting spree.

Bigg Boss opened up captain nominations and asked interested housemates to come forward and give their names. Gautam was the first to take up the opportunity and he requested Bigg Boss to let him be a Captain and change some rules of the house.

Praneet was called in the confession room and asked to decide a contender for Gautam unianimously with all housemates. After discussing with everyone all nominated Upen for the captaincy task.

Gautam and Upen were asked to choose two volunteers each to help in their task. Gautam chose Puneet and Pritam and Upen chose Ali and Aarya. Puneet tried getting out of it considering he’s too strong for everyone but Gautam asked him to play with brains and not strength.

Everyone kept discussing who they think should actually be the captain between Gautam and Upen and who would act as a balanced captain. Gautma didn’t have many supporters in this conversation including his friend Praneet left his side.

In the task the opposite team volunteers had to drag and pull the contenders till the finish line taking away their chance to become the captain. Ali and Aarya successfully managed to pull Gautam away from the poll while Puneet and Pritam didn’t use much force to drag Upen.

RECAP, DAY 39_10
And in result, Upen was announced as the next Captain of the house!

RECAP, DAY 39_11
Gautam felt bad that Puneet didn’t use his actual strength to help him win the task and conveyed the same to Bigg Boss on camera.

RECAP, DAY 39_12
Upen divided house duties among all contestants as fairly as possible but a small comment by Diandra pinched Puneet and the two had a small argument.

RECAP, DAY 39_13
The boys Puneet, Praneet, Ali and Gautam later teased Pritam with Kairshma becasue she asked him to be her partner in kitchen duties. All was done in good humour but…

RECAP, DAY 39_13
Ali took it on himself to inform Kairshma about what was being said about her and Pritam. He was also later found bitching about Sonali’s way of teasing him in the morning while cleaning to Diandra, Aarya and Karishma.

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RECAP, DAY 39_14
The P3G group sat for their usual late night talks and in this Puneet requested Praneet on Pritan’s behalf not to tease Karishma and Pritam openly and let the matter go out of hands. Pritma doesn’t want Karishma to doubt his intentions unnecessarily when nothing is happening. Well said, Puneet!

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