Bigg Boss 8: Time for Puneet to hear Big Boss’s Judgement!

Bigg Boss 8: Time for Puneet to hear Big Boss's Judgement\

I was too curious after yesterday’s incident to know what the scenario was currently. What I got to know last was that Ali was kept inside the secret room for a proper medical checkup and rest. But, in the morning after he felt better and doctors certified him medically fit, housemates were informed about his return shortly!

Well, nobody gave much reaction to that. Meanwhile, Puneet was called by Big Boss inside the confession room to speak about the unwanted incident that led to so much chaos. After giving all the validation and reasoning, Big Boss took an unbiased call warning Puneet to mellow down his temperament.

He was made to realize his antagonistic side, which might also prove fatal. Puneet heard Bigg Boss out calmly and assured he wouldn’t do it. Well, Punzz don’t know how reliable you are on that, as you said the same when the incident with Arya happened.

Anyway, he was even told to communicate to the housemates that ‘Bal ka prayog’ was a strict no no for this house. In fact, he asked them to consider this as the final warning.

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Who took it seriously who did not? Now it all depends on the future circumstances. But I heard Diandra and KT showing disinterest on having Ali back so soon!

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