Bigg Boss 8: The Gloom After Christmas

Bigg Boss 8: The Gloom After Christmas

The festive spirit of Christmas did not last beyond a day in the Bigg Boss house. The end of the week brought Sonali’s captaincy to a close and the housemates began to review her stint as a leader giving the opinion that she was by far the worst captain of the season because she had broken the rules of the house.

Bigg Boss announced that the first contestant to enter the confession room would be a contender for the coveted post of captain. Ali, who was the closest to the confession room when the announcement was made, rushed inside and was given the opportunity to choose the housemate against whom he would compete – he chose Sonali.

Ali and Sonali were ordered by Bigg Boss to stand on a pedestal and hold the captain’s flag above their heads with one hand. Bigg Boss further announced that the contender who held the flag for the longest duration would be declared as the new captain of the house. All the housemates were taken by surprise when Sonali relentlessly gave her competitor a tough fight.

Even as the new captain of the house took over, Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task to reward the housemates for their hard work. Former captain Sonali was given the unpleasant task of excluding three housemates from the luxury task as well as from enjoying the privilege of luxury items.

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Did the abstinence from the luxury items cause further discontent? Who will win the captaincy this week and what changes will we witness in the house? Keep watching the show and read our updates.

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