Bigg Boss 8: The Bigg Debate

Bigg Boss 8: The Bigg Debate

In the run-up to the finale week, Bigg Boss 8 has had introduced five wildcard entrants into the house. The five: Ajaz Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Sana Khan, Mahek Chehel and Sambhavna Seth are former contestants from different seasons. Ajaz, though, was recently evicted for violent behaviour against Ali Quli Mirza. Keeping that aside, we asked a few former contestants of Bigg Boss 8 what they think of the extension and twist in the show. Here’s what they had to say…

Praneet Bhatt
The contestants who were already inside the house have agreed to take up the challenge, so why not. They have lasted in the house for 15 weeks so it’s going to be a cakewalk for them. They have the advantage, they know the format, adapted themselves and survived. The challengers have been past contestants but that was then. Now it’s going to be difficult for them. It will take them time, which is dangerous because it’s the finale weeks now. I think Pritam is a genuine guy and has all the chances of winning.

Upen Patel
It will be more interesting and exciting now. There’s no question of it being fair or unfair because it’s a game. My bet is on Karishma Tanna winning the show as her chances are high.

Sonali Raut
I came out of the house at the right time and I am very happy about that. With the twist that they have brought in, the game is going to get difficult. Also, I think it’s unfair that new contestants have been introduced now. They have come in with new energy while the others who have been inside for 15 weeks are a little exhausted.

Puneet Issar
If the challengers have an equal opportunity to win the title it’s unfair. It’s like you have already been fighting a battle for 105 days and just when it’s about to end, a new battalion with fresh energy comes in.

Sushant Digvikar
I am very upset with it. First of all, Salman Khan has left, which is the biggest shock. Everybody knows he was the life of the show. Now whatever masala they put in it doesn’t matter. The contestants are exhausted and stressed. It is a little unfair that new people who are mentally fit have now entered the house.

Deepshikha Nagpal
It’s a challenge for the contestants who were already in the house. However, they are already pro now, while the new ones have seen the show and have an idea about the contestants.

Diandra Soares
I think it’s all chaotic. The show drains you out and you are emotionally exhausted. The new contestants will go in with new energy. After all, they will be paid and end up making more money. If I had been there, I would have a fire in my belly to take up the challenge and win the show. I am sure my co-contestants must be feeling the same thing. They have put in so much hard work and it’s not fair that new people have entered the show now when the others were thinking it is ending. But again who are we to say whether it’s fair or unfair? After all, everyone’s getting paid and they are making money. I would look at it positively.

Gautam (Gulati) has chances of winning. I watched a lot of episodes after I came out. Though he was a little low after my eviction, now he is getting back into action. He is entertaining, has a certain charm, is straight forward and plays from his heart. He is someone who is real and doesn’t get swayed by opinions. Plus, he has a huge fan base.

Minnisha Lamba
Ali (Quli Mirza) came in as a wildcard entrant and I think will win. Even the challengers have a great chance of winning. There is a first time for everything and it’s a game, after all.

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Aarya Babbar
It’s stupidity. They are stretching the show like rubber. The only thing good to happen for this Halla Bol is Farah Khan. Also, it’s not fair for contestants who have been inside the house for more than 100 days and completely drained out. Whereas the challengers have entered with fresh battery in their blood.

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