Bigg Boss 8: Sonali sheds tears as Diandra gets violent

Bigg Boss 8: Sonali sheds tears as Diandra gets violent

When the second leg of the Superheroes vs. Supervillains task was introduced, little did anyone in the Bigg Boss house knew that the task would take a turn for the worst. While Karishma’s team, the Superheroes were declared the winners of the first leg, the second phase of the task required the Supervillains to replace the Superheroes’ flag put in the garden area with their own flag.

The Supervillains team which consisted of Pritam, Praneet, Puneet, Sonali and Gautam, found it difficult to figure a way of changing the flag because the Superheros stood by the flag and held it in their arms.

Following Puneet’s instructions, Pritam and Praneet filled a basket with paper and chilies and set fire to it in the hopes that it would make it unbearable for the Superheroes to stand by the flag for too long.

Worried that their team members could suffer from burns owing to the fire, Minissha and Diandra came with a bucket of water and extinguished the fire. Meanwhile, Sonali started pouring water on the contestants to make them lose focus.

However, Diandra decided that enough was enough and tugged at the bucket with full force. In the tussle that followed, Sonali found herself on the ground when Diandra let go on the bucket. Citing this as an act of violence, the entire Supervillains side stood by Sonali and asked for Bigg Boss to take action against Diandra.

After a point, the Supervillains attacked the Superheroes with full gusto such that they ended up damaging the red flag (Superheroes) and breaking the black flag (Supervillains). While the flags were breaking, Superhero Upen pulled the flag pole away from the Supervillains and soon found himself in the pool along with the pole.

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Seeing the aggressive actions of the contestants, Bigg Boss promptly cancelled the entire task, but not before Aarya, Sonali and Upen raised concerns about the injuries that had been inflicted upon them during the course of the task! What action will be taken against Diandra as Sonali and the Supervillains cry foul? Let’s wait and watch…

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