Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut kicks Ali Quli Mirza for misbehaving with her

Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut kicks Ali Quli Mirza for misbehaving with her
As usual the Bigg Boss house is erupting with a whole lot of happenings. Following Praneet’s outburst against captain Ali Quli Mirza for nominating him without any valid reason, there is unrest once again in the house. Ali is accused to inappropriate behaviour with regards to Sonali Raut.

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While sitting with Upen Patel and Sonali late at night, Ali happens to touch Sonali on her knee under the blanket as a prank. However, she gets very upset and lashes out at him. Kicking him on his chest, she warns him never to repeat his actions.
Ali does his best to explain that he was joking. However, he is severely punished by Bigg Boss.
Later, a phone booth is placed out in the garden. While Karishma and Praneet are walking past it, it starts ringing. Karishma answers it, only to find herself in the middle of a task. She is then required to remain on the phone until said otherwise by Mr. X, who is speaking from the other end of the phone.
Karishma is then given different tasks during the day and if she fails, she will run the risk of getting nominated for next week directly. Will Karishma get through her task with Mr. X?

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