‘Bigg Boss 8’: Sonali Raut is Toying with Gautam Gulati’s Feelings to Stay in the House, Say Viewers

Sonali Raut is Toying with Gautam Gulati's Feelings to Stay in the House, Say Viewers

When Sonali Raut confessed about her fondness for Upen Patel, several viewers were left shocked. All this while, the “Xpose” actress was more interested in Gautam Gulati than herself but now it looks like she has had a massive change of heart.

Additionally, the P3G (Praneet Bhatt, Puneet Issar, Pritam Singh and Gulati) speculated that since they’ve been nominated and cornered by the housemates, it was only wise for Raut to stay on the side with an upper hand.

This might be true to a certain extent because she never discussed Gautam’s quirks earlier. Now that he has been nominated and runs the risk of being evicted, Raut chose Patel to be safe and snug in the house.

Interestingly, viewers have a similar opinion about the model-turned-actress and they aren’t amused with such a strong display of disloyalty. While some labeled her “cheap”, others opined that she has been toying with Gulati’s feelings to stay in the game.

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So, does this mean the brewing romance was only a ploy put into action by Raut to stick around in the house? Fans of “Bigg Boss 8” feel that since she is being nominated every week and is mostly disliked by the housemates, she devised an intelligent plan to stretch her stay.

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