Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut asks Salman Khan to sign her for his next movie

Bigg Boss 8 Sonali Raut asks Salman Khan to sign her for his next movie

Sonali Raut had been previously heard talking to Sushant Divgikar on Bigg Boss 8, claiming that Salman Khan had compared her to Katrina Kaif. And in this week’s weekend special episode, Sonali has asked Salman to make a movie with her in the lead alongside the Dabangg actor.

Sonali who feels that Salman and she would look good together on screen said it is her dream to share screen space with the actor. Salman very sweetly, tried to divert the topic but Sonali seemed adamant.

Salman, who did not show keen interest in Sonali’s plans also clarified that she should rather be really happy now itself, because she is already a part of the show which he’s hosting and they are working on the same show together. But a nagging Sonali refused to budge.

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We can only say one thing: Sonali, stop bugging the actor and deliberately doing and saying things for the limelight! It won’t get you on board with Salman for any film.

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