Bigg Boss 8: Sonali nominated till show end for slapping Ali

Bigg Boss 8: Sonali nominated till show end for slapping Ali

Bigg Boss season 8 witnessed violence once again on Thursday night, with Sonali Raut slapping Ali Quli Mirza for making inappropriate comment on her. Will Bigg Boss Punish her?

Though violence entails straight elimination in the show, Bigg Boss has thought of a different punishment for Sonali. In the presence of all house mates, Bigg Boss will announce that Sonali is nominated till end of the season.

The drama started off with Ali getting into argument with house captain Puneet as he states that Ali should be the punished due to his inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards the other contestants. However Puneet nominates Upen and Gautam for punishment to make Ali feel guilty who in turn gets upset with Puneet’s decision.

Puneet says that he doesn’t want Ali to be guilt free and thus is punishing the two innocent and most hardworking contestants of the house. Ali loses his cool and starts arguing with Puneet. Soon the Punishment task turns in to a bowl of fire as Puneet and Ali face off spreads all around the house. As the blame game goes continues, Sonali slaps Ali when Puneet reveals that he had made a very inappropriate comment about Upen and her a few days back.

An agitated Ali runs all over the place along with his suitcase and even tries to climb the roof top shouting out aloud to Bigg Boss that Sonali has slapped him and he will not tolerate it. Bigg Boss then summons Ali in to the confession room. Ali complains that he is not feeling well and what Sonali did to him was not right. Ali is soon shifted to a secret room due to his ill health and Bigg Boss informs the housemates about the same.

Housemates Praneet, Pritam, Karishma, Upen, Sonali, dimpy and Renee are seen requesting to Bigg boss to take appropriate action against Ali who has time and again disrespected women of the house.

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While we do not know whether Bigg Boss takes action in wake of their request, the sneak peek tells us he ahs nominates Sonali till the end of the show.

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