Bigg Boss 8: Sonali and Gautam get a little comfortable than before!

Bigg Boss 8 Sonali and Gautam get a little comfortable than before

After a very long time, the duo which turned from being the lovey-dovey to being loggerhead is back to being nice to each other! Both came together to have a friendly conversation when all of had almost forgotten how they were once teased as a couple so love struck.

Sonali shared her experience during her Euro trip and some of the famous places she would want to go back to with Gautam. Describing about some places Gautam said how he would want to explore those and kept asking Sonali about the same.

Oh! Looks like the two love travelling a lot. And definitely once they are out of the house they would want to go on for a vacation. The housemates have noticed them once again rekindeling the lost friendship. Let’s see how far they go!

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Meanwhile, right outsite the of Bigg Boss House, I saw southern superstar, ‘Vikram’ who came a;; the way to promote his Tamil film “I”, the same movie which stars Upen Patel in a very meaty role! (Now we know what he was toking about!) Vikram praised Upen and tried speaking in hindi with Salman Khan. The two stars also shook leg on one of the famous numbers from the movie.

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