Bigg Boss 8: Should Sonali Raut be disqualified for slapping Ali Quli Mirza?

Bigg Boss 8: Should Sonali Raut be disqualified for slapping Ali Quli Mirza

Woah! Sonali has slapped Ali right on the face. Should she be shown the exit door? Add this to the list of the most shocking moments in history of Bigg Boss – Sonali Raut has slapped Ali Quli Mirza. Yes, you read that right! The preview of tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 8 showed that Ali gets into a major war of words with Puneet Issar and it slowly percolates into a big banter between the two. Amidst all this, Sonali steps up and slaps Ali and all hell breaks loose.

Ali threatens to leave the show and packs up all his bags and heads for the exit door. On being unable to do get past the door he starts climbing up the stairs and getting on the wall trying to go out. Now, whether he is out of the house or no is still unknown.

If you will remember, things have not been so good between Sonali and Ali from quite sometime. It all started when Ali touched Sonali under the blanket few weeks back, after which he received a lot of flak from his co-contestants and viewers alike. Ever since then the two have got into mild fights with each other quite often, but this slap incident has worsened things majorly.

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Though this tamashaa has taken things to a new level inside the Bigg Boss house, but do you think Sonali should be disqualified considering she has broken one of the major rules of the high voltage reality show?

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