Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan warns Gautam Gulati to be careful with girls

Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan warns Gautam Gulati to be careful with girls

Weekend ka Vaar is always painful for all Bigg Boss contestants. Firstly, they have to face Salman Khan’s criticisms at the same time they have to part with one of their co-contestants. Salman Khan was at his sarcastic best and was pointing out the inmates their limits. This week Soni Singh made an exit from the show. While some contestants were teary eyed other were happy to have safely made into the next episode. (Read Bigg Boss 8 Day 34 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan and Ali Quli Mirza criticize Sonali Raut for her Kamchor attitude.)

In the last whole week, Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut were seen cooing around the house and were finding it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Sonali was awed by Gautam’s toned body since the first day and the Gulati boy took quite a good advantage of this very fact to woo the Xpose actress. He is the same man who was seen giving massage to Diandra in the first week and the duo were also seen sleeping hand in hands. Following the Karishma Tanna controversy things became so sour between Gautam and Diandra that they don’t even face each other anymore. (Read Bigg Boss 8: British pornstar Shanti Dynamite to enter Bigg Boss house as second wild card contestant.)

Having made a note of Gautam’s changing minds, the host of Bigg Boss 8 commented on his so-called romantic equation with Sonali Raut. To which the Tele actor blurted out stating there is nothing as such going on between them, while Salman maintained what the audience get to see don’t match his words. While concluding the conversation, the Kick star warned Gautam to be careful concerning matters related to girls.

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Was that a signal for him to maintain a healthy distance from Sonali? Salman had always been light on Sonali on all occasions and was even seen taking side of the Xpose actress during the first elimination. Will Gautam take a note of it or not, only the coming episode can tell?

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