Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan fires Puneet Issar – Find out why!

Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan fires Puneet Issar – Find out why!

Over the last few days, a lot has unfold inside the house of horror. Ever since Puneet Issar and Ali Quli Mirza got into a heated argument, the drama quotient inside the Bigg Boss 8 house has notched up and we are pretty sure the audience is liking it all.

After Puneet revealed what Ali had said about Sonali Raut, things turned ugly in the house as Ms Raut ended up slapping Ali for passing unflattering remark about her.

Then Ali went crazy and tried to escape from the house but couldn’t as Bigg Boss called finally intervened. While Sonali had to pay a price for being violent, all the house mates ganged up against Ali. But if you thought all the drama was over then you’re wrong.

In the weekend ka vaar episode, host Salman Khan will come to Ali’s rescue to a certain extent. Well, the Dabangg Khan will be seen firing Puneet Issar for creating all the hungama. Khan will will point out to Puneet that had he not revealed Ali’s secret, there wouldn’t have been so much tension inside the house.

The Being Human superstar will also tell the veteran actor that even he can show videos and clips where he has bitched about housemates with his gang P3G. Salman will make it quite clear that nobody in the house is a saint and that acting like one and pulling the other person down is even worse. Bhai will also pull up RJ Preetam, Praneet Bhatt and Gautam Gulati. Sounds interesting, hai na?

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And just so you know, Ali Quli Mirza will be the first one to be declared safe!

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