Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan calls Aarya Babbar in confession room

Bigg Boss 8 Salman Khan calls Aarya Babbar in confession room

Bigg Boss season 8 has so far seen introduction of many new things. Apart from the elimination taking place on Sunday, another new twist that was introduced by the creative team on the show was host Salman Khan’s one-on-one chat with a contestant every week. And the contestant chosen by Salman Khan this week was Aarya Babbar.

Sources inform that Salman called Aarya into the confession room to clarify about the allegation made by Minissha Lamba during her conversation with Diandra. Minissha had confided to Diandra that Aarya had asked Minissha to fake a romance in the Bigg Boss house. When Salman asked Aarya about this, he simply denied to have said this to Minissha. He also sweared on his mother to have done something like this. When Salman probed Aarya further, Aarya told him that he had asked Minissha once that would his boyfriend be ok if he watches her hugging and holding hands of other boys, to which she said no – he would not like it. He said we only had a conversation regarding the impact of such things on Minissha’s relationship and nothing else.

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Well, it would be interesting to see who’s actually lying. Is it Minissha or Aarya?

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