Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan Blames Karishma Tanna For Making Gautam A Star

Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan Blames Karishma Tanna For Making Gautam A Star

Salman Khan takes a new avatar in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 8 house. Pulling a surprise on all the house mates and the public at large. Salman Khan began with asking everyone in the house that if anyone in the house has ever abused anyone or has been abused by anyone, nobody had an answer to this.

Salman Khan took up for the abusing Gautam Gulati controversy . Yes, you heard it right, Karishma Tanna’s public abuse as she claims was very hurtful, was shown the other side by Salman Khan. Salman took up for Gautam saying that he apologised a lot of times and even touched her feet, he has been apologetic everyday after the incident.

He also took to all the other participants from Bigg Boss 8 house, telling them that they pulled the whole thing like a chewing gum . While the contestants tried to defend themselves, Salman khan was untouchable as he took on all the particpants

He got angry and told the participants not to talk also at one time . He also said if he was in his place he would have also abused .

He further lashed out at Karishma and took on her with fury by asking her that should Gautam Gulati should be hanged for abuse? He also condemned by saying that she has taken advantage in the task for the same, hence it could not be personal as she is portraying.

He also corrected Karishma when she said that the bigg boss contract said that only physical violence was a reason for being thrown out of the house and not verbal abusing as karishma had kept saying in Bigg Boss 8 house.

He then called Karishma to the confession room to speak with him alone. He told her that she has taken advantage of the gautam situation.

Karishma answered i was very angry and was very humiliated , salman retorted that she was never angry at that time . he said he felt that Karishma did not feel hurt at all and she just took advantage of the situation.”

“One day i will laugh at you karishma when you land up abusing, as this is the only the second week in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Salman Khan ended his conversation with Karishma

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Heres to Salman showing a different side and adding to the new twists in the Bigg Boss season 8 house.

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