Bigg Boss 8 REVEALED! Arya Babbar was in a relationship with Minissha Lamba


” Let me clarify sir, I was in a relationship with Minissha Lamba. We got close to each other while shooting a movie. We were seeing each other for a brief while back then, before we walked our respective paths and separated amicably,” revealed Arya Babbar on nation television on being confronted by Salman Khan. What Arya blurted out-a possible truth-shocked the fellow contestants and reduced Minissha Lamba to tears. Minissha had no reply to that unexpected revelation and she stated in no uncertain terms that even she could have indulged in a pol-khol antic but she feared that it could possibly be turned into a mud-slinging battle. Minnisha chose keep dignified silence even if the cameras in the glass-walled house capture her misty eyed. Soon her eyes welled up with tears and the lady took a much-nneded break and visited the washroom. Arya’s revelation not only thrilled the other contestants and the audiences but it also sent a shock-wave down the spine of Salman Khan.

It was clear from one of the earlier episode that some “interesting” conversations had happened between Minnisha Lamba and Arya Babbar when duo got invited into Bigg Boss season 8. Arya had then said that Minnisha wanted to team up with him in the house and wanted Arya (her alleged ex-boyfriend’s) support. But in tonight’s episode what Minnisha had to say was surprising and countered Arya’s tall claim. ” Arya called me from Ladakh to ask if he can do hand-holding with me and requested if the two( Arya and Minissha) project themselves as a ‘unit’ (perhaps to be seen as a couple and therefore to draw more eyeballs to their thoughtfully pre-planned cosmetic relationship in the house)

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After facing that sach ka saamna, Arya just could not stop himself from speaking his mind. He simply went to claim that he was in a relationship with Miss Lamba.

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