Bigg Boss 8: Rekha and Salman Khan’s flirtatious chemistry

Bigg Boss 8 Rekha and Salman Khan’s flirtatious chemistry

In the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Season 8, the special guest was evergreen actor Rekha who visited the team to speak about her upcoming movie Super Nani.

As the evening progressed, Salman Khan welcomed the ageless beauty Rekha and the duo shook a leg on Salman Khan’s song ‘Dagabaaz Re’ from the movie Dabangg 2 while presenting it as a romantic medley.

Rekha and Salman Khan’s flirtatious chemistry
When asked what Bigg Boss meant to her, Rekha went on to call Salman Khan her Bigg Boss while saying “Mere Bigg Boss toh aap hi ho!”. Rekha even teased Salman Khan playfully by improvising the famous dialogue from Salman’s movie Dabangg, “Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta Saheb, Bigg Boss se lagta hai!”

Rekha and Salman Khan’s flirtatious chemistry
In fact, Rekha took this fun flirtatiousness one step further when the cameras switched off for a little while. Seeing Salman sweating in the October heat, the actor commented, “Aapko dekh kar toh mere bhi paseene chhoot rahe hain!”

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However, as the evening was wrapping up, Rekha walked up to Salman with one sincere request that has even been on the entire country’s mind… She whispered in his ears saying, “Maine aaj tak aap se kuch nahi manga…Aaj mangti hoon. Meri ek baat maanenge? Aap Shaadi kar lijiye!”
Whether Salman honours her request or not is something that we will have to wait and watch!

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