Bigg Boss 8: Punzz shows his evil side while Sonali remains a mystery.

Punzz shows his evil side while Sonali remains a mystery.

I heard Puneet talking to Sonali that after Gautam’s birthday it will only Black Mamba’s birthday that will be celebrated in the house. You know what it means right? He actually skipped Karishma’s birthday, which is just two days before Sonali’s! I hope you can read between the lines (wink wink).

The two had sarcastic laugh after that. Puneet also mentioned that if he stayed back till the last week of the show he would love if there was a 31st night party tgrown by Bigg Boss for them. He also requested Big Boss to call his wife to meet him that evening. Well, that all depends on for how long you stay Punzz!

Sonali once again had a flip of mind and she walked utpo Gautam all happy and smiling! Gautam said “Tum mujhse itna hans hans kar baat kar rahi ho,itni khul ke baat kar rahi ho, kahin tumne do-teen chadha toh nahi rakhi hai?” To which Sonali said “Maine aaj tak camera ke saamne apna wo side nahi dikhaya” Gautam got a little confused and asked which side? But she didn’t feel like revealing in front of the camera.

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She again raised the topic where she gave justifications how other people always had mixed opinions about Gautam earlier and since she was close to him they asked her how he was, to that she said “Gautam is a nice guy.” Sometimes I feel like getting into Sonali’s mind to know what is she actually thinking!

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