Bigg Boss 8: Punnet Issar turns into physical violence with Gautam Gulati, arm-crushes him

Bigg Boss  Punnet Issar turns into physical violence with Gautam Gulati, arm-crushes him

When one is confined within the walls of the Bigg Boss 8 House, discipline is sacrosanct. There is no gender discrimination and violators are severely dealt with. The second leg of the ‘BB Mithaiwala task’ has been introduced today, where ingredients are sent in and one team has to tell the other what they want them to prepare. While Diandra Soares and Karishma Tanna decide to figure what both the teams have, in order to give them a challenge accordingly, an unaware Gautam Gulati goes to Diandra’s team to see what can be made.

When Diandra tells Gautam that they should make apple pie because they have apples, Gautam agrees and when he turns around to leave, a competitive Puneet Issar assumes it to be a cheating tactic as he did not inform them on what their team should be cooking. A huge fight ensues where an agitated Puneet decides to take it to the next level. To everyone’s surprise, he gets physical with Gautam and arms crushes him. At first Gautam thinks it’s all in jest, but when he feels the pain in his ribs, he realises that all’s not well. To add to it, the bulky Puneet pushes and shoves Gautam, leading him to back off as a mark of respect to Puneet. While Ali Quli Mirza tries to restrain an agitated Puneet, Gautam who is in a state of shock breaks down, as Arya Babbar lends him a shoulder to cry on. Diandra, Upen Patel and Sushant Divgikar together work towards calming Puneet down, and he takes a backseat for a while. An aghast Diandra is seen telling Ali that Puneet has Anger Management issues and that they should all take care.

Violators of any form are severely dealt with and this incident certainly has not been overlooked by Bigg Boss. Once the task is over, Bigg Boss calls Puneet and Gautam to the confession room to understand what transpired, but amazingly Gautam protects Puneet by saying that it was a misunderstanding and that there was nothing serious, even though he was met with aggression.

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Puneet is apologetic for what he has done and is ready to take up any punishment given by Bigg Boss as contrition. But will Gautam let go off the preceedings of the day or will this be the end of a father-son relationship? Only time will tell.

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