Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar’s Wife Hugs Karishma Tanna. Twitter Has a Field Day

Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar's Wife Hugs Karishma Tanna. Twitter Has a Field Day

Events in the Bigg Boss house took an emotional turn after contestant Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali entered the house and gave her husband’s rival Karishma Tanna a warm hug. The move is perhaps an attempt to salvage her family’s image after her daughter Nivriti posted an offensive tweet about Karishma which had invoked instant outrage on Twitter.

Deepali’s gesture invoked mixed reactions on the social media. Emotions also got the better of Puneet Issar after he was hugged by Deepali in the confession room – He had been complaining about not being able to meet his family.

As his wife entered the house through confession room door during the freeze and release task, Mr Issar and the other contestants were left dumbstruck. They were then asked to freeze by Bigg Boss. As his wife ran to hug him, Mr Issar felt so helpless that just tears trickled down his face as his wife spoke.

She said he was playing very well and that he should continue doing do. She hugged him for few moments and then went upto every member in the house and complimented all of them, including Karishma Tanna.

Bigg Boss released Puneet for few minutes so that he could meet his wife properly. As the two hugged each other and cried bitterly the other housemates seemed overwhelmed. Finally, the time came for her to leave and Bigg Boss asked Puneet to freeze once again. Bigg Boss released everyone once she left and Puneet went out in the garden screaming “Nanhi I love you!.”

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Puneet Issar, best known for playing Duryodhan on TV’s Mahabharat many years ago, has been daggers drawn with fellow contestant Karishma Tanna on this season of the show.

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