‘Bigg Boss 8’: Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali takes a leaf out of ‘Munna Bhai’ book; hugs her husband’s competitor Karishma Tanna

Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar’s wife hugs Karishma Tanna, Twitteratis give a mixed reaction

The game of Bigg Boss is no cake walk if you thought it to be so. It does seem scripted at times but when you see the same actors acting in their TV shows, they fail to manifest spontaneity in the same manner as they do inside the house. Some such high emotional drama happened in last night’s episode as Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali Issar came inside the house to meet the contestants briefly.

Bigg Boss announced the ‘Freeze Release Game’ and to add to the drama he would call in an outsider inside the house who would go around the house talking to the ‘frozen’ housemates. Housemates, on their part, were not allowed to react to the remarks made by the visitors. As Deepali Issar entered the house through the confession room, an elated Puneet Issar ran towards her but Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to freeze. He froze mid-way and she ran and embraced him.

She looked at him and said that he had lost a lot of weight and that it was exactly a 100 day they had been apart. After praising her husband’s moves in the game and thanking Gautam Gulati for being Puneet’s friend, she did something one would not have expected her to do. She went and embraced her husband’s arch- enemy in the game- Karishma Tanna. Deepali walked up to the bathroom where Karishma and Sonali stood frozen. She introduced herself to Karishma and then hugged her and said, “you are a good player and keep on going as you are”.

For those coming in late, Puneet Issar and Karishma Tanna’s relationship has been strained for several weeks now. Puneet’s family members have also publicly called Tanna names and passed offensive comments on her on social media.

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While daughter Nivriti had questioned her intelligence on her Twitter, wife Deepali on her facebook page had written, “if Karishma Tanna was any more stupid , we would have to water her twice a week (sic)”. But it seems that the family has made peace ever since Karishma and Puneet patched up inside the house. Or was Deepali’s hug just a hogwash?

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