Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar asks Praneet Bhatt steal Aarya Babbar’s Simba toy

Puneet Issar asks Praneet Bhatt steal Aarya Babbar's Simba toy

This week’s task saw a lot of shifts happening in the house, like always. Puneet Issar kept playing his mind-games and used his infamous tactics with his other team members yet again. After replacing Karishma Tanna in the phone booth, Puneet asked Praneet Bhatt to steal Aarya Babaar and Sushant Divgikar’s toys.

When asked to name the person he trusts the most, Puneet takes Praneet’s name and convinces Praneet to steal the two contestants’ toys in order to accomplish the task. If not, Puneet will get nominated for next week directly!

Praneet agrees but gets nervous to steal Aarya’s simba toy because it is a gift from Aarya’s girlfriend and he had a huge outburst the last time Diandra Soares and Minissha Lamba played a prank at him by hiding the soft toy.

Praneet accomplishes the task and hides the toys inside his shirt and puts them into the store room. Aarya who fumed at not finding his toy tries to maintain his temper and walks around the house restless, asking everyone about his toy.

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Whether Puneet will be safe or Aarya will burst out is what you need to see in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8!

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