Bigg Boss: 8 Praneet shares his misery with Puneet!

Bigg Boss: 8 Praneet shares his misery with Puneet

Well, I don’t know if I should call this double standards but Praneet, who has a very calculative approach towards his other housemates was discussing how he fell for doing things for Karishma just in emotions. My brain says this has supposedly something to do with the task happening currently. There is one thing I don’t understand, why does Praneet do things just to gain a little praise from people when eventually he has to bitch about things or people involved?

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Who doesn’t know that the so called P3G group has the same tendency, I mean all the people involved in this group. But there could be amny reasons for Praneet bitching about Karishma. Was it because something happened during the task? What were the emotions involved in the task that he is talking about? Why are people getting fake by the situation?

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