Bigg Boss 8: Praneet handing out the roses in the ‘Rose Day’ task

Bigg Boss 8: The Calm After Eviction Storm

After Deepshika’s eviction and Rekha’s visit on Sunday, the contestant’s had a day to relax or did they? Day 23 at the house was an eventful one as it saw forging of new relationships, alliances and many revelations.

The day began on a high note as the contestants woke up to the tune of a bhangra song. But celebrations soon turned to concern as Sushant injured his eye for which a doctor had to be sent in to ensure he doesn’t have any complications.

The contestants then gear up to name the contestants that they wish to nominate for evictions in upcoming week. But Bigg Boss catches them unawares when he asks them to name the one person they wish to save from evictions instead.

In the ‘Rose Day’ Task that follows, contestants are asked to present roses to those inmates whom they consider influential in helping them survive evictions. What follows is a hilarious session where flowers reach people who tried to evict the senders and some friends are hurt because they didn’t receive any. Some contestants didn’t receive any flowers at all.

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In the next task called ‘Gharwale Jaan-na Chahte Hai’ the contestants were asked the questions which they had anonymously put down last week. The session moderated by Gautam saw many relationship equations getting changed and new friendships being born.

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