Bigg Boss 8: Open nominations to stir up friendships?

Bigg Boss 8 Open nominations to stir up friendships

This definitely is a hot khabar which will keep you interested through the week. Temperatures soared up when the housemates nominated each other for this week’s eviction considering the way that was chosen to nominate.Completely unexpected and unimagined!! Bigg Boss certainly knows what needs to be done in order to draw out the real identity of each one this way or that way, that’s what makes him Bigg Boss right?

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This week would see an open nomination wherein the contestants will use plates full of foam and apply on faces of the housemates they wish to get evicted, that’s khatarnaak!! Do I need to tell further what would be next ?Yes, you are right, the real faces will come out and we will get to see who’s a real friend and who’s a foe!
In an extension to that we will see some hearts break, some inmates getting completely bewildered! Ah!my heart aches seeing this!

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