Bigg Boss 8: OMG! Ali touched Sonali in a wrong way under the blanket

Ali touched Sonali in a wrong way under the blanket

Although soon after the commencement of 8th season Bigg Boss, the controversial TV reality show for a relatively lengthier period of time faced a good amount of criticism for being bland and low on entertainment. Though in the initial days Karishma tried to emerge as entertainment booster by her rowdy antics, but even the fizz of those fractious antics of Karsihma deflated within no time. But ever-since the day Dubai based singer Ali Quli Mirza has entered the house the Bigg Boss abode seems to be turning into a new battle ground for the inmates.

And that’s because of the attitude of this self styled and repeatedly elected captain, who is creating trouble for each and every inmate ever-since his arrival in the house, courtesy his notoriety and arrogance. And it’s this authoritative attitude of Ali, because of which he has turned into a bete noire for most of the contestants.

But if latest reports coming from Bigg Boss nest are to be believed then the latest act of Ali, may fetch a huge wrath for him, where he has dared to touch co-contestant Sonali in a wrong way under a blanket. Yes you heard it right, Ali rubbed Sonali under a blanket in a wrong way!

The incident took place when Sonali was cozying up with Upen Patel under a blanket and it was then, when Ali too slipped his hand under the same blanket and rubbed Sonali. Before executing this unsolicited deed Ali was seen humming the Pehla Nasha song to tease the new love birds of the house. And then what followed was beyond the expectations of everyone where he slipped his hand under the blanket and touched Sonali in wrong way. But Sonali didn’t like this act of Ali and screamed at him and even threatened him that if he dared to do that again then she will beat him up with a chappal.

After this untoward hullabaloo Ali got a bit defensive and argued that Sonali is his good friend and he will not do anything dirty with the gal. But the act which was even more astonishing came from Upen who despite witnessing this whole ruffle didn’t react and remained like a mannequin instead of retaliating to Ali’s act.

Finding The Truth

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Although so far we have seen Ali being bossy in the house, but this Dubai based actor never made it to buzz because of any wrong reasons especially like the one mentioned above. But if he has done so then, was it to take undue advantage of Sonali just because of her kaleidoscopic love interests. Or is it Sonali’s attempt to slam Ali because a few days back latter objected to her sharing a bed with Gautam. To know stay tuned, till the time we return with some more shocking revelations.

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