Bigg Boss: 8 Minissha’s uncalled for rude behaviour with Praneet

Minissha’s uncalled for rude behaviour with Praneet

In a bitching session with Upen and Sonali Minissha says that she was hurt when she found out that Puneet liked her the least in the house. She promised to her true colours to him from now on but just when she is about to say more Praneet comes and sits on the bench with Upen and Sonali.

A miffed Lamba retorts in a rather impolite tone, “ab aap aa gaye conversation karne” (now you have come in the middle of the conversation) and walks away rudely. That, quite naturally ticks off Praneet who says that the same thing could have been said in a more polite manner and that the house is not Minissha’s alone and that she has no right to talk to him like this.

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Later Minissha tries to clarify that her anger was not directed at Praneet but at Puneet, Praneet just walks away not caring about Lamba has to say. Perhaps a heart-felt apology would have made matters better.

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