Bigg Boss 8 : Minissha wants to break ties with this housemate?

Minissha wants to break ties with this housemate

Post the nominations Minissha was seen completely devastated by the reasons Gautam , Puneet and Praneet gave to nominate her .. Shock laga! Especially it came as a shocker to Minissha when Puneet said she wasn’t ‘swaabhimaani’ enough to take a stand against Aarya .A rather bold statement to make Puneetji! Can you please throw some more light on that please?
Totally shattered with his statements, Minissha accepted the fact that she shouldn’t be trusting anybody in the house going forward … logon ka asli rang bahar aane hi laga aakhir! Mini has now made it very clear “main ab kisi ki beti nahi hoon”, sob sob!
Puneet did not have much to say during the conversation,and I could only sense he is trying to unnecessarily justify things, well Puneetji at this moment I can only tell you one thing, ”Ab pacchtaaye kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet”.

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My Khabri antennae senses that Puneetji is actually playing an intelligent game without making anyone realize anything, but the truth cannot be covered for long!

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