Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba’s Shocking Lie Gets Exposed

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba’s Shocking Lie Gets Exposed

Minissha Lamba seem desperate to become evilishly popular on Bigg Boss 8. Everyone knows Turning bad helps to score points with the audience and she is living upto it. In the last episode she made a shocking revelation that Arya Babbar had called her before the show began to plot and scheme to win Bigg Boss.

Minissha added that Arya wanted her to have a fake romance with him. He will call her Jaan and they will also hold hands to look more authentic. But apparently Minissha turned him down since she is seeing someone and wouldn’t jeopardise that for TRP.

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Well, it seems all that was just hogwash. Arya‘s publicist cleared that according to Bigg Boss rules rumoured contestants cannot meet and talk about the show. Arya obliged and tried ignoring Minissha‘s calls. But she kept on calling him frantically. So all now know who said what.

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