Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba locks herself in the loo

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba locks herself in the loo

Bigg Boss season 8 contestant Minissha Lamba suddenly seems to be surrounded by controversies inside the house. The actress who started off as an underdog is suddenly on everyone’s hit-list. In tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss will introduce yet another twist wherein nominations will be conducted openly which will lead to a major drama between Puneet Issar and Minissha.

Sources inform that during the nomination process, Puneet Issar nominated Minissha citing the reason that he didn’t like the strategy Misnissha and Aarya planned before entering Bigg Boss house. Minissha was visibly hurt at the comment. The actress was even more shocked when her co-contestants informed her that Puneet had been maligning her behind her back saying, “Acche ghar ki ladki hokar aisa karti hai…”

Overwhelmed with this apparent breach of trust, Minissha ran towards the washroom and locked herself inside. Other contestants tried reasoning with her to open the door as she was occupying the loo but to no avail. Minissha had forgotten to take her mic off before going to the loo and her sobs were for all to hear. When she finally emerged from the loo, her eyes were red and swollen. Minissha, who was hurt by Puneet’s comment was heard saying that, if someone doesn’t like her or has problem with her he should not go around addressing her as beta.

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Well, after all this drama will Minissha be able to bring her back in the game. Only time will tell.

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