Bigg Boss 8: Minissha, Gautam punished by Captain Ali Quli Mirza

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha, Gautam punished by Captain Ali Quli Mirza

Ali Quli Mirza continues with his captaincy in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as he goes around assigning responsibilities to the housemates. He allocated the task of cleaning the garden area to Minissha, Karishma and Soni. However, Karishma is punished and Ali has no power over her completing the task.

Later that evening, Gautam deices to take a dip in the pool. But, he finds the pool dirty and complains to Captain Ali, who is not pleased. He asks Minissha and Soni to clean the pool. Once they complete the task, Gautan returns to the pool, only to find it still dirty. Instead to raising a hue and cry about, he starts to clean it by himself. Ali is infuriated on seeing this.

He points out to Minissha and Soni the incomplete task and gives them an earful. He then punishes them and makes Minissha and Soni sit in separate corners of the garden. He also punishes Soni for working out of turn.

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Minissha and Soni are not at all happy with Ali’s behaviour. Gautam says that all he wanted was a swim and this behaviour by Ali is unjustifiable because there was no need to punish any contestant for such a small issue. Whenever the contestants attempt to explain their point of view, Ali does not pay heed and instead makes them sit outside for a good half hour. Wonder how long the reign of terror will last in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

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