Bigg Boss 8: Minissha calls Ali a chor!

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha calls Ali a chor

Apni Dadima, aka Minissha who is considered to be the most logical and intellectual person in the house disappointed me when she argued with Ali that he ate her custard. I mean really? Can a custard ever be a reason to spoil someone’s day? Actually, what happened was, apparently Minissha had kept a little custard for herself in the refrigerator so that she could have it later, which Ali couldn’t resist.

And after he he took a spoonful he realized that the taste of the same had gone bad; it was getting spoiled and hence in order to check, he actually ate the entire bowl of custard without even informing Minissha. Highly upset by this, Minissha told Ali everything that she could, saying “Aapne chorri kyun ki,aap bolte toh main khushi khushi aapko khaane de deti.”

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What happened after that? Did Ali apologize? Did Mini forgive him? Whatever it may be, but I must say these adults in the house are giving tough competition to school going kids! Now I agree Sushant why he said “yeh ladki toh pool ke macchar se bhi baat karti hai”.

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