Bigg Boss 8: Mahek Chahal calls the Ali-Ajaz brawl a ‘drama’

Bigg Boss 8: Mahek Chahal calls the Ali-Ajaz brawl a 'drama'

Mahek, Rahul and Sambhavna were talking about how they believe Ali has overreacted with Ajaz incident and he was not that hurt as he showed. Mahek stated that yes he was choked but when he asked for mouth to mouth for his respiration it came across as fishy. Because if Ali was feeling giddy he wouldn’t have been able to get up and go to the confession room.

Ali over hears and gets upset. He comes to Mahek and says that it was a life and death situation for him and they are making a joke out of him. Mahek then sarcastically states that it was an excellent acting by him. Ali got even more furious and taunted Mahek that yes he is a good actor and if she was too then she would have been able to make some name for herself in the industry which she did not.

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Mahek takes it to heart and reveals that she had met with an accident three years ago due to which she was unable to work as much but she does not expect a person like Ali to understand that. She warned Ali not to go on her career and she is not going on his. Later Ali comes and apologies to Mahek for his words.

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