Bigg Boss 8: Look who wants to pack bag and go home!

Look who wants to pack bag and go home!

The little baby Sonali was quite disturbed with the way the task turned out today. She thought that she was attacked by Diandra during the task. She has been getting lot of injuries since the beginning of all the tasks. Last time during the TVS task also she had slipped thrice.

She was heard telling the opponent team that she can’t take the stress in the house anymore and also because of the injuries her stay is becoming difficult. She was crying and requesting Bigg Boss to let her leave the house. Rest of her team members also took a stand for her and asked Bigg Boss to take action against Diandra. Later, Sonali was called by Bigg Boss in the confession room and she told Bigg Boss that she wants to go home.

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Bigg Boss explained to her that it was not just Diandra’s mistake but even she was responsible for it. Sonali had a long conversation with Bigg Boss.What was the result of their talk? What happened during the task? What was the result of the villain’s team stand against Diandra?

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