Bigg Boss: 8 Look who gets a warning from Sonali!

Bigg Boss: 8 Look who gets a warning from Sonali

I was having my coffee this morning when I saw Ali buttering up Upen! He was telling Upen to flaunt his muscular body and not keep his shirt on all the time! Ahh…Mr.Patel I was just waiting if someone could tell you that in the house on my behalf. *wink wink* But I went a little ahead to know why was Ali being so sugary sweet to Upen? Was it to compensate for what he did with Sonali and in order win back a friend he had lost in the house? Let’s see what happens!

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Anyhow, on the other end, I found So…So…Sonali making fun of Ali, and jokingly warning everyone not to mess with her or else they will have it for life! Sonali laughingly stated “Jo mujhse panga lega main ussey dass lungi”! Well Sonali you have done it already darling! And am sure nobody will take panga with you in future! Adding on a little more, she said “Saare tasks Ali ke hisaab se ho rahe hain.” She also added that and because of this Ali is highly capable of becoming the creative head of some production house or the head of the Channel. Really? I think only Sonali is capable of thing that far! Well Ali, though we all know Sonali is being sarcastic with this statement but like a great man once said, “There is some truth when someone says’ I am joking’.

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