Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna voted as the most irritating contestant

Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna voted as the most irritating contestant

Karishma, it is amply clear now, continues to be her irritating and highly annoying self. It seems that she just needs a reason to argue on any brainless topic. Always ready to pounce on her fellow mates with her caustic tongue Karishma just opens her mouth to spew some venomous words. If she doesn’t get an opportunity to show her prowess as the most irritating contestant of this season (if not in the history of Bigg Boss) ,she creates situations to simply make a comment.

Her argument with Minissha Lamba was baseless. Tanna kept employing her ever-diminishing grey matter and high-decibels over a non-existent issue. She even went on to call Sonal Raut a liar and then pushed Deepshikha against the wall in her zest to complete the assigned task. No wonder our loyal readers and the ardent Bigg Boss followers have unanimously voted Karishma as the most annoying and highly irritating contestant. ” Karishma roams around with a ring of negativity around her head,” commented on furious reader.

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Many believe that Karishma should learn the art of keeping her mouth shut and stop acting like a wannabe before she causes more harm to her popular (not really) persona!

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