Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna uses tears as her weapon!

Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna uses tears as her weapon

As per the new task for the week, Superheroes vs. Super Villains, the leader of the Superheroes – Karishma, has the task to convert as many Super Villains into good guys.

However, with the baddies giving her a hard time, Karishma realizes that she needs to change her approach to entice them to join the good side. Choosing Puneet and Praneet as the easy targets, Karishma corners them inside the bedroom and speaks to them about why the Superheroes team is the one that they should be a part of. However, not falling into her trap, Praneet and Puneet point out that she is a contradiction to the Superheroes role because she is quite a negative person who hurts people emotionally outside of this current task.

Taken aback by their feedback, Karishma breaks down and apologizes to Puneet and Praneet, while crying for her previous actions saying that it was never her intention to hurt anyone.

Not sure what had hit them, Puneet and Praneet spent some time consoling her and telling her that she is not really a bad person but it was about the circumstances. While her tears continue to flow, Puneet decides to step out of the room while Praneet continues to calm her down.

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Will Karishma’s apologetic tears change the game? Will Puneet and Praneet switch sides? Wait and watch!

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