Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna makes Sonali Raut vomit

Karishma Tanna makes Sonali Raut vomit

Apart from all the tamashaa between Ali Quli Mirza and Sonali Raut, viewers will also get to witness something interesting in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8.

As a part of the recent task, a phone booth is put out in the garden area. Karishma and Praneet while passing by the area are distracted as the phone starts ringing. Both of them run towards the phone and an excited Karishma picks up the receiver only to find herself in the middle of a task. Karishma then is asked to be on the phone until said otherwise by Mr. X, who is speaking from the other end of the phone. Karishma is then given different tasks during the day and if she failed, she will run the risk of getting nominated for next week directly. An alert Karishma gets on an “all performing mode”.

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From making Sonali Raut and Sushant Divgikar have a weird tasting drink to bleaching Praneet Bhatt’s eyebrows, Karishma will go all out for this task.

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