Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna, Diandra Soares and Aarya Babbar show their evil side

Karishma Tanna, Diandra Soares and Aarya Babbar show their evil side

Three weeks into Bigg Boss 8, and the show hasn’t fetched the expected TRPs yet. And yet, it seems three contestants – Karishma Tanna, Diandra Soares and Aarya Babbar – and their antics have somewhat upped the TRPs a little.

While host Salman Khan has called this the most ‘positive lot’ in Bigg Boss history, the last two weeks and the happenings in and around the house have showed us a different picture. From unnecessary fights, stretched-out arguments, abuses, bitching and even physical violence, Bigg Boss 8 has already done what other editions took weeks to get to! All for the sake of luxury budget tasks. Call it competition or whatever, some contestants hate to lose. In last week’s Supervillain v/s Superhero task, Karishma Tanna’s team might have clearly won the round but it was the Supervillains team that yet again won hearts!

From getting extremely personal in the context of the task, it seems Madam Tanna refuses to just lose. A sore loser, Karishma tries to do everything unruly and emotional just to win a task! Diandra, who was physically injured in last week’s task and created so much hullabaloo around it this week on Day One of the task, could easily snub and pounce on Sonali Raut while the game was on. Leave aside violence, the question raised was: how could a physically injured Diandra who avoided tasks following stitches on her right hand pull up buckets of water and get into a physical brawl with Sonali? How could Karishma who was preaching and shouting for ‘Respect for women’ not stand up when another woman was being assaulted in the name of the game? Well, her standpoint being, that the other team was equally violent. All we want to point out is in the first task too, Karishma was being equally aggressive putting mirchi paste on everyone’s faces which is way worse than what the Supervillains team did last night!

There is a clear disparity of treatment and ideologies with people not sticking to the main standpoint that had initially made them corner a Gautam Gulati. On the other hand, it is Aarya Babbar who was busy asking for some respect shown to women in terms of mannerisms and behaviour, but at the end, the short-tempered Babbar lad forgets that if by ‘women’, he only refers to the girls he’s fond of in the house, he should better take a chill pill!

While Upen Patel and Puneet Issar seem to be spineless guys who can only watch and merely bitch around behind everyone’s back, we give a thumbs-up to Praneet Bhatt who took a clear stance supporting what is right and what is wrong. Showing what a true man should be, Praneet’s opinions come across as hard-hitting, clearly putting up the question that’s running on our minds as well. If Karishma wanted the team to stand by her side soliciting her respect as a woman, why did the team shy away from doing the same when the same happened to Sonali? All for a game?

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Nevertheless, it would be wild card entry Ali Quli Mirza, the new captain of the house who will create havoc in the contestants’ lives for the time being. Guess, Bigg Boss 8 will have a steep rise in TRPs soon!

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