Bigg Boss: 8 Karishma ignores Puneet’s task!

Karishma ignores Puneet's task!

As Karishma Tanna dislikes Puneet in Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8, she will now be seen ignoring Puneet’s task having a fear of Puneet being safe.

We heard that, “As the contestants are accomplishing their Luxury Budget Phone Booth task in Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8, Puneet is replaced by Karishma and he is been given a task to convince Diandra Soares and Karishma for giving up all their cosmetics and put them in the store room. Following the task, Puneet first convince Diandra for it and then he asks her to convince Karishma for doing so.

After getting convinced by Puneet, Karishma agreed first and both the girls put up their makeup items in the store room.”

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Further, we also heard that, “After keeping her cosmetic items in the store room, Karishma realized that Puneet will be saved after they will accomplish the task so after speaking to Diandra about it, Karishma takes out her things from the store room again.”

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