Bigg Boss 8: Karishma calls Gautam a loser and all hell breaks lose

That's where it started Karishma, as part of her task, used everything from slippers to chilli powder and chilli paste to irritate the opposing team, including Gautam

In the meanwhile, Natasha breaks down after a task and pleads Bigg Boss to let her leave. She says that she can’t play the game and adds that the fights and tasks are taking a toll on her. Interestingly, Karishma and Soni support her request. Natasha even starts to pack her stuff when Bigg Boss doesn’t respond to her constant pleas.

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Meanwhile, the girls in the house are seen bitching about Gautam and Sonali. Karishma, Soni and Diandra are seen discussing how uncouth Sonali is and how Gautam touched her during the task calling him a “loser”. Soni even apes Sonali’s accent. – See more at:

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