‘Bigg Boss 8’: Karishma Attacks Gautam Again to be in Limelight? Calls Him ‘Ghatiya’, ‘Loser’

'Bigg Boss 8' Karishma Attacks Gautam Again to be in Limelight Calls Him 'Ghatiya', 'Loser'

Day 16 on “Bigg Boss 8” began with the contestants dancing to “Dilliwali Girlfriend”. What looked like a positive day, soon turned into a nasty one after Bigg Boss assigned the inmates their second task.

Divided into two groups, Minissha Lamba and Arya Babbar were put in charge of the teams. Upen Patel and Sonali Raut were supposed to pose as a much-in-love couple, who had to accomplish five tasks given to them. Adding an interesting twist, Babbar’s team was ordered to keep the couple from uniting, while Lamba’s pack would have to ensure that the task is completed.

The task involved spending 10 minutes in the rest room, a romantic dance in the swimming pool, offering turmeric milk (just before bedtime) to Patel, slipping in bangles on Raut’s hand, and a romantic candlelight date. While all four tasks were being completed, Karishma Tanna and Soni Singh pushed Deepshikha Nagpal onto one of the mirrors.

Nursing the injury on the back of her head, she Nagpal criticized Tanna’s aggressive ways of finishing a task. In the mean time, Gulati, who was diligently participating in the task and adopting fair methods, was called names by Tanna. Addressing him as ‘Ghatiya’ (crude) and a loser, the actress said she wouldn’t want to play any game with such a person.

Puneet Issar, who was responsible for keeping an eye on the turmeric and milk, was miffed with the way the task was being done and kicked the table meant for Patel-Raut’s date in the process spilling some food.

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Tanna, who until now had the sympathy of the rest of the inmates for being abused on national television by Gulati, drew a lot of flak for her rash performance. While, Natasa Stankovic made a request to Bigg Boss for an immediate ouster, Sushant Divgikar lost his cool and lashed out at her in everyone’s presence.

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